2023 Photo Contest Winners and Finalists

Talented photographers from all over the world submitted over 1400 photos to our panel of judges. Thank you to all the AMS Weather Band members who participated in selecting the "Member's Choice" category. We appreciate your time and the time of our volunteer judges in selecting our winners!

Grand Prize: "Night Lights" by Elan Azriel

Second Place: “Rays Over The River"  by John Merriam
Third Place: "King Tide" by Kristy Sharkey

Member's Choice: "Walsh Mothership" by Michael Seger


It was a tough decision to choose the winners from such a large collection of great photos. There were other submissions that caught our eye and came close though, and we wanted to give some recognition to those as well. Below are the runners-up.

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Alive Over Tombstone
Lauren G Bailey
Blue Hole

Masaaki Onaka

Can't Make Up It's Mind

Sarah Esposito


Isaac Rietveld

Cold Bluebird

Peggy Yaeger

Collect Water
Muhammad Amdad Hossain
Desert Cloud

Erfan Rabiei Dastjerdi

Fogbow over Pack Ice

Ellie Van Os

Hidden Danger
Stan Rose
Iced tree
Jean Tanguay
Idaho Smoke

Simon Wachholz

Night Dance

Barbora Koubková

"Raining" Away

Ashley Orehek-Rossi


Jajong Nokrek

Siberian Aurora
Hotmaria Siregar
Striking Sunset

Liz Kemp

Tempëte a Ploumanach

Guichard Laetitia

Texas County Supercell
Stanley Harper
The Last Storm

B. Dean Berry

Utah Lenticular Clouds

Tommy Milton