Amy M. Howard

Amy M Howard is a severe weather photographer and storm chaser based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After attending the University at Buffalo for several years for Fine Arts instruction, Amy relocated to the endless skies of the southwest where a keen interest in photography was born when she became a wife and mother. Lightning photography became a hobby in 2010 as she channeled the adrenaline caused by fear into an addiction that now fuels her as she pursues supercells across the Plains region of the US each severe season, with much gratitude to her family and friends for their support in these endeavors. 

Sangjun Lee

Sangjun Lee is the Visual Design Manager with the American Meteorological Society. He was previously a staff photographer for The Heights, and continues to do freelance photography when he is not working for the AMS. He is looking forward to discovering through your photos beautiful places he can visit.

Walt Lyons

Walt Lyons, CCM, has probably snapped over 250,000 weather and environmental photos for research and fun. He serves as the Photo Editor for the Fort Collins Digital Camera Club, created the Photo of the Month feature for Weatherwise Magazine, and curates the stock photo/video website, www.WeatherVideoHD.TV.

Deitra McKenzie

Deitra McKenzie has been a broadcast meteorologist for nearly 20 years, working in various regions across the country. She says the beauty of nature has never failed her no matter where she’s lived, and she enjoys capturing that beauty in a photo from time to time.

Alan Sealls

Alan Sealls is an Emmy award-winning broadcast meteorologist in Mobile, Alabama, and a life-long photographer, having started taking photos in fifth grade. His weather images have since been published and used worldwide in education, entertainment and in research. “I’m constantly looking for weather photos that are interesting, enlightening, unique or just beautiful, even if they are not mine!”