Can A Hedgehog Forecast Rain?

Nov 20, 2020   By AMS Staff

While the scientific methods have varied a great deal, weather forecasting has been a subject of human endeavor for as long as we have written records! Ancient forecasters used everything from cloud observations to jellyfish sightings to predict the weather and help them make their most important decisions on topics from going to war to sowing crops. 

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Some Welcoming Remarks

Nov 20, 2020
By Keith Seitter

The Weather Band is for all of us who are fascinated with the wide range of phenomena we see in the atmosph...

The Today Show's First Forecast on Television

Nov 20, 2020
By The Today Show

Watch TODAY anchor Dave Garroway deliver the national weather forecast via telephone and by hand.

Weather Maps by Radio

Nov 20, 2020
By Dr. B.M. Varney

In the photograph file of the U. S. Weather Bureau at Washington is an odd-appearing weather map, as big as an ordina...

Moving Hail Forecasting Forward

Nov 20, 2020
By AMS Staff

How do we predict the size of hail? What environmental parameters should forecasters be looking at in order...

Science is Cool and It Helps People

Nov 20, 2020
By Richard Alley

AMS 2018 Keynote Speaker Richard Alley joins us to share his enthusiasm for science and science communication.

Developing Tools for Forecasting and Communication: The Human Role in their Design

Nov 20, 2020
By Falko Judt, Greg West, Pat Market, Dan Nietfeld, Robert Hoffman, Neil Stuart

There have been many changes in the role of humans in the forecast process in recent years and many new roles that ha...

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