A Day in the Life of Stratocumulus

Apr 9, 2021, by Ted Best

Perhaps one of the most important yet unappealing cloud types is stratocumulus. Although they create overcast skies t ...

Understanding and Predicting Tornadoes

Webinar: April 29, 3 PM EDT/12 PM PDT
Join the AMS Weather Band for a special inside look and first hand stories about how scientific “storm chasing” and state-of-the-art computer simulations have helped us better understand and predict tornadoes. 



A Smattering of Books for the Amateur Weather Enthusiast

Apr 7, 2021
By Ben May, Board Director of the National Weather Association Foundation

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Thunderstorm Photography Webinar: Capturing the Storm One "Flash" at a Time


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Wings Over Everest


Lake Effect Snow: The Most Intense Snow On Earth


Webinar: Blizzards of 1978

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