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Weather affects everyone on planet Earth, and many of us love the beauty that weather brings to our lives. For some this passion leads to a scientific career, for others a lifelong interest in learning about our atmosphere and weather. The Weather Band is sharing current science that is accessible and relatable for all those interested in weather.

The AMS Weather Band was launched in 2020 as an initiative of the American Meteorological Society, dedicated to creating a community where weather enthusiasts can learn from and interact with members of the AMS, such as professional researchers, broadcasters, and educators.

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AMS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening weather, water, and climate science.

In addition to core activities—hosting scientific conferences and symposia, publishing leading Journals—ongoing AMS initiatives include scholarship programs for young scientists, hands-on programs for teachers and policy makers, and providing career resources for all those seeking work or working in the weather, water, and climate sciences.

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