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Clear Skies Ahead: Jana Houser

  • By AMS Staff
  • Sep 6, 2023

Jana Houser (third from left) and Robin Tanamachi (far right), collecting data on tornadoes and supercells with mobile radars during Vortex 2

“We both ended up in academic positions at different universities and were separately, independently instigating storm-chasing courses at our universities. And then at the AMS Annual Meeting in 2020, we got together and were talking about some of our common experiences and pitfalls and lessons that we’d learned. Both of us were very interested in the educational benefits and that it should not just be a glorified road trip but an experience to help students learn meteorology and consolidate some of the concepts that we were learning. So that was the germ of the idea for the short course. We proposed to teach it in 2021, which got delayed by Covid, and eventually began teaching it in January 2022.”
—Jana Houser, associate professor at The Ohio State University, and Robin Tanamachi, assistant professor at Purdue University, on how they came to collaborate to create a storm-chasing course. For more, listen to the Clear Skies Ahead podcast, with new episodes released every month.