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Clear Skies Ahead: Kayla Hudson

  • By AMS Staff
  • Jan 23, 2024

“I pursued a minor in marketing, which is totally unrelated, but I feel like it was best paired with my meteorology degree. I was able to attend workshops and career fairs that my peers didn’t, since their opportunities were more science-related. This opened a whole new world for me. It gave me direct access to private-sector companies and big corporations that were often looking for interns and brand ambassadors that led to job offers from them. Outside of school, I never stopped networking and participating in organizations that had me traveling to conferences and in my free time speaking at events in the community. And it’s not every day that you meet a meteorology major, so I was always their go-to girl.”
—Kayla Hudson, a recent meteorology graduate of Jackson State University, on opportunities she pursued inside and outside of school that she believed would be beneficial in securing a job. For more, listen to the Clear Skies Ahead podcast, with new episodes released every month.