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Chillin' Ain't Chillaxin'

  • By AMS Staff
  • Jun 2, 2023

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–109°F — The wind chill recorded on February 3, 2023, at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, believed to be the lowest such temperature in U.S. history. The frigid conditions were driven by sustained winds approaching 100 miles per hour and gusts of 127 miles per hour, which when combined with an air temperature of –47°F produced the record-setting chill. While wind chill data are not as comprehensive as other weather records, the previous unofficial lowest recorded U.S. wind chill was –105°F in Alaska in 2013, and the previous low at Mount Washington was –102.7°F in 2004. “It’s really an amazing day, an awe-inspiring day, and actually a bit of a frightening moment,” said Mount Washington Observatory meteorologist Francis Tarasiewicz. Mount Washington is known for its wild weather, including a wind gust of 231 miles per hour in 1934—the strongest recorded wind not caused by a tornado or hurricane. For a comprehensive description of the extreme conditions on top of the mountain when the record was set, read the firsthand account from one of the weather observers who was there that night at [Source: WMUR]

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