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Becky DePodwin

  • By AMS Staff
  • May 8, 2023

Becky DePodwin - Clear Skies Ahead_Jan

“There’s been an increasing awareness of burnout and mental health struggles among emergency managers. Much like the meteorology community came to start having these conversations several years ago, the emergency management community is now starting to have these conversations. This also includes first responders who did incredible work during the pandemic. They see a lot of things that are very difficult to see and take in day after day. The Caucus is designed to provide awareness of what’s going on, to provide resources, to hold webinars, to have sessions at meetings and conferences, and really to create an avenue for these very necessary conversations to happen and hopefully lead to meaningful change.”

— Becky DePodwin, senior consultant at Guidehouse, on the International Association of Emergency Managers's Mental Health and Wellness Caucus, which she is a member of. For more, listen to the Clear Skies Ahead podcast, with new episodes released every month.


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