Video Citizen Science Safety Severe Weather Symposium

Wind and Wildfire-Associated Smoke Event, September 2020

  • By AMS Staff
  • Jun 16, 2023

In this presentation from the 2022 AMS Community and Citizen Science Symposium, Candice Erdmann describes how, during a severe windstorm on Labor Day 2020, several wildfires began to tear through parts of the Oregon Cascades Range. This includes a discussion of the topography, air quality monitors used, and data verification processes.

About Candice Erdmann

Candice Erdmann, MLIS, has a love of physical and quantitative sciences which have taken on many forms — from health sciences to neuroscience to molecular biology and immunology, to human services data and information science.
Most of all, she enjoys observing the natural world — plants, animals, weather, etc.
Having spent her childhood in the Colorado Front Range and High Plains of Wyoming, severe weather, and especially winds, have always been of keen interest. Currently living 60mi (100km) inland from the Pacific Ocean, with a view of the Oregon Coast Range, one of her favorite activities is watching the clouds seemingly pile up against the continent before coming ashore.