Video Instruments Observations Webinar

Q&A with Ambient, Kestrel, and RainWise

  • By AMS Staff
  • Jul 30, 2021

Join Michael Naughton and Colin Busby from Neilsen-Kellerman as they discuss weather products from Ambient, Kestrel, and RainWise; how those brands came to coexist under one company; and how to make the most of whichever system you have, whether it's for professional or home use. 


Ambient Weather has been providing high-quality weather stations for over two decades. The company has been a market leader in weather stations, environmental monitoring instruments, and intuitive web-based dashboards for viewing and sharing weather data. We'll learn more about their existing systems, upcoming products, and how to maximize your own Ambient system if you've already got one.


The meteorological data provided by a single hand held Kestrel weather and wind speed meter used to require expensive equipment that took up a truckload of space. Today, Kestrel wind gauge meters and weather trackers are as small as a mobile phone - and cost about the same. Hardly delicate pieces of equipment, Kestrel Meters are tough, immune to the elements, and even float in water. These hand held wind and weather meters are your portal into the perpetually changing world of weather.


Since 1974, RainWise has been manufacturing professional grade meteorological equipment for consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications. From our original product, the remote reading tipping bucket rain gauge , to developing the world's first digital weather station, to our advanced PV monitoring applications, RainWise continues to be a world leader in the instrument industry.