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More Than A Scientist: J. P. Kalb

  • By AMS Staff
  • Jun 27, 2023

J. P. Kalb

J. P. Kalb
Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Hanford, California

What is your favorite aspect of what you currently do as a scientist?
My favorite aspect is that I get to advocate for myself and other autistics in the NWS, which was my dream job in college. 

What are one or two things you do for fun that make you #morethanascientist? 
For a while, I ran a video blog on my life as an autistic meteorologist on YouTube. However, I decided to stop the vlog due to moving and personal matters. Right now, I am trying to grow as an autistic person, such as working on getting my driver’s license and cooking more meals. 

What does a “work-life balance” mean to you?
A work-life balance is being able to make sure I can take care of multiple aspects of my life, such as my physical and mental health, cooking, trying to get in shape, cleaning my apartment, and relaxing to balance the duties I have at work. It’s important to have that balance in order not to be burnt out or overwhelmed by anxiety.

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