Weather Band Jamposium 2023

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24-25 February 2023 | 12-3:30pm Eastern Time

Thank you for attending the 2023 Weather Band Jamposium! Recordings of each session are available in our webinar directory.



Unleash the passion you feel for the weather – the raw power of water, the fragility of our climate, and the vulnerability that exists within our communities. Join us virtually on February 24 and 25 for the 2023 Weather Band Jamposium. Expert speakers. Interactive discussions. The latest science. The most impactful topics.


Friday, Feb. 24

12:00pm-1:00pm | Opening Remarks and What is Reality? Trends in U.S. Severe Weather

Opening Remarks: Doug Hilderbrand
Moderator: Marisa Ferger
Speaker: Harold Brooks

Determining how and what has changed about severe thunderstorms is difficult, in large part because of changes in the way reports have been gathered. Really rare events are exceptionally difficult to detect trends in for basic statistical reasons. On top of that, our understanding of relationships between environmental conditions and weather outcomes is imperfect and the connections between global climate change and those environments are limited. We'll talk about what we do and can know and where the challenges are ahead.

1:00pm-1:15pm | Break

1:15pm-2:15pm | Hurricane Ian - Reflections, Lessons Learned, & Its Legacy 

Moderator: Doug Hilderbrand
Panelists: Jamie Rhome, Kim Klockow, and Kim Wood

This webinar will dissect the forecasts, communication, and impact of Hurricane Ian from this past hurricane season. The panelists will highlight lessons learned along with the lasting legacy of Hurricane Ian.

2:15pm-2:30pm | Break

2:30pm-3:30pm | Why We Should Care About Climate Change: Communicating The Risks and Closing Remarks

Moderator: Steve Glazier
Panelists: Jeff Berardelli and Daniel Gilford

The charging climate is one of the fastest developing areas of research. In this panel discussion, we ask the experts about the latest attribution science. How is this complicated science communicated? We take your questions to the experts to have an open discussion about the latest climate change communication.

Saturday, Feb. 25

12:00pm-1:00pm | Opening Remarks and 2023 Winter Season...Won't Soon Be Forgotten

Opening Remarks: Cory Demko
Moderator: Matt Vaughan
Speakers: Jeff HalversonJamie Enderlen 

Experts will highlight the many notable events from this winter (including events ongoing) including the Buffalo Blizzard, series of western atmospheric river events, record breaking arctic blasts, and even the "winter that wasn't" so far along the east coast.

1:00pm-1:15pm | Break

1:15pm-2:15pm | US Top 10 Weather Events

Presenter: Steve Glazier

2022 was the third costliest year when it came to billion dollar disasters, ranking only behind the historic hurricane seasons of 2005 and 2017. There were 18 separate billion dollar disasters in 2022 alone. Lead Meteorologist Steve Glazier worked through many of last year's major weather events at WeatherNation. He takes us through the top 10 weather events of 2022.

2:15pm-2:30pm | Break

2:30pm-3:30pm | Science Communications and Tornadoes and Closing Remarks

Moderator: Melissa Griffin
Panelists: Kelly Butler, Christine Wielgos, Rick Smith

Join forecasters from the National Weather Service as they discuss the importance of delivering the right messages during tornadoes and severe weather events. Experts will discuss the difference between communications and hype, lessons learned from unique situations, and their experiences during recent significant tornado events.