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The Iguanas Are Falling

  • By AMS Staff
  • Dec 22, 2020


Well, it’s that time of year again. The National Weather Service in Miami has issued an unofficial warning for falling iguanas the week of Christmas. 

The projected cold snap may make it the coldest Christmas in Miami since 1999. And with the chill comes a likelihood of reptiles raining from trees. As temperatures fall to 40 degrees or below, the bodies of cold-blooded iguanas stiffen and they will start falling out of the trees they roost in. As these iguanas can weigh up to 17 pounds, they may pack quite a punch when plummeting to the ground. 

Iguanas have been invasive in South Florida since the 1960s, when they were introduced as pets and escaped into the wild. Their lack of cold adaptation is one of the only reasons they haven’t spread further throughout the United States. But the cold snaps in Florida don’t last long; and once the iguanas warm back up they will begin to move normally. 

This has been quite a surprise for those trying to clean up iguanas in the past! So make sure to check the forecast before you stand under any trees. And be careful before you pick up any spare iguanas lying around. 

What’s your weird weather or most recent Christmas forecast? 

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