Video Forecasting Tornadoes Webinar

Severe Convective Storms: Past, Present, and Future

  • By AMS Staff
  • Nov 23, 2021

In this fascinating and informative talk, Dr. Victor Gensini of Northern Illinois University walks through the environmental forces behind tornadoes and hail, how climate change is impacting severe weather, and how we can better predict severe weather across various time scales. 

Dr. Gensini is Associate Professor Deputy Director, NIU Center for Research Computing and Data at Northern Illinois University. His research has primarily focused on the relationship between severe convective storms and climate change by utilizing dynamical downscaling from a convective permitting regional climate model. Currently, a majority of his research is examining weather and climate dynamics that explain variability in extreme weather (e.g., hail, tornadoes, heavy rain, heat waves) frequency and analyzing ways to forecast these events at sub-seasonal to seasonal time scales.