Contribute Content

Are you interested in contributing content to be featured on the AMS Weather Band website or online community?

AMS Weather Band is seeking submissions of features, photos/videos, blog pieces, and other content that provides a lens into the world of weather for our community of enthusiasts. We are looking for stories that are accessible to a wide audience and that excite, interest, and inform.

After selecting the type of content you would like to share and providing a brief description, your proposal will be reviewed by AMS staff. If chosen, we will reach out to you within two weeks to help develop the content, set a timeline, and ensure you have the resources and information needed to complete the content piece.

AMS Weather Band Content Guidelines

Short Pieces

News Item
Format: Text (250-500 words) 
Include the news item (via a link) and discuss what inspired you to share it, including anything you found exciting or surprising.

Personal Piece
Format: Text (250-500 words) 
We’d like enthusiasts to get an inside look at the people and science behind the weather. 
Share a little bit about yourself: why are you studying what you’re studying or working on? What makes you excited about it? What brought you to that topic in the first place and what path did you take to get where you are? See below for options to do a longer interview piece in written, audio, or video form.

Photo or Video Shares
Share a photo or short video of a weather phenomenon that you’re excited about with a short explanation of why you like it and any science behind it.

Long Form Pieces

Blog Post 
Format: Text (800-2000 words)
Should be focused on weather and related sciences in some manner. We recommend including an image or two and links to other articles or material that supports your main points

Video Blog Post
Format: Video (5-10 minutes)
Please ensure that your sound can be heard and include captions if possible.

Format: Text (600-2000 words); Video or Audio recording
Is there someone that inspired you or someone whose work you admire that you would like to share with a weather enthusiast audience? Create a written interview by emailing them questions. Or you can record a video or audio interview via zoom, or other online recording and send it to AMS staff for editing. This could also take the form of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) via the Weather Band’s online community.

We welcome suggestions for new content types. In the form below, select "Other" and then include a description of your content type along with your description of your specific submission.

Submission Form for Contributors