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The Future of Flight: Forecasting for Drones and Other Small Vehicles

  • By AMS Staff
  • Mar 1, 2021

In this fascinating talk, Matthias Steiner and his team take a look at weather hazards for emerging modes of air transportation in urban landscapes, like Uber's proposed aerial taxis, and Airbus' Urban Air Mobility planning. 

Recognizing that this is not something out of a Jetsons' cartoon, the research team has analyzed how current weather observations can support the future of small scale air travel. And whether the capabilities actually exist to bring these futuristic ideas into reality. 

The team not only looks at the range of aviation weather hazards by location, season, and time of day, but also discuss how to help guide operators in their planning for aircraft design, fleet mix, and operational real-time weather support needs.

Listen now and learn more about the future of transportation. 

Picture of a slide with pictures of small aircraft and men flying drones