Video Citizen Science Observations Symposium

AGU's Thriving Earth Exchange and ISeeChange

  • By AMS Staff
  • Jan 28, 2022

These two presentations from the 2022 AMS Weather Band Community and Citizen Science Symposium showcase the importance of community led science to make change. 

In the first one, Melissa Goodwin from AGU details the philosophy and case studies from the work of the Thriving Earth Exchange; a transformative program that puts community leaders at the heart of scientific projects. 

In the second presentation, Julia Kumari Drapkin discusses how ISeeChange's partnership with the City of Miami and community partners in Miami over the past several years has developed into a robust line of communication between residents and the city to document and respond to flooding in real time. In this presentation, she shares successes, lessons learned, and more opportunities for communities to share their stories on ISeeChange.